Bachelor of Arts  North-West University  1982  (NARIC EQUIVALENT QUALIFICATION)


Afrikaans  and Dutch 3

Biblical Studies 3

Drama Studies 3

Cultural Science 1

Interpretational Art 1

Special German

Philosophy of Science 2


Honours Bachelor of Arts  (Drama)  - North -West University 1984 (NARIC EQUIVALENT QUALIFICATION)


Theatre Practice

Drama Studies


Higher Education Diploma (Postgraduate)  North – West University 1986 (NARIC EQUIVALENT QUALIFICATION)


Didactics of Drama

Didactics of Afrikaans and Dutch

School Media Centre Use

Didactic Education

Fundamental Education

Education Science

Educational Media

Practical Teaching

Psycho – Education

Temporal Education

General Guidance


Comparative Education

Brain Gym Level 1,   South African Foundation of Educational Kinesiology - 1996

Mathematics Teaching (Intermediate and Senior Phase),  UNISA – 2004

Certificate in English Language Teaching (TESOL) Level 6 Certificate, Language Link International ESOL - 2011

Certificate in Core Foundation for Teaching in the UK, RDS - 2012

Basic Child Protection Certificate, Kidscape - 2012